We all love books when we’re children.  I can name about fifty books that I remember from my childhood – probably more.  Mum and Dad did all the voices as we curled up in their laps.  I can see the illustrations of each story in my head as I type this now.  I read those books hundreds of times as a child, and still love them just as much now as I did then.

I tend to favor fiction.  Probably because the fiction stories – especially the children’s ones – always used to have better pictures than the nonfiction.  However, I’m finding more often than not, I teach with nonfiction stories.  My own love for nonfiction is starting to grow as a result.  A new trend in nonfiction is emerging:  Narrative, true stories, complete with beautiful illustrations that are blended with real photographs.  These mixed media books are ones my students beg to get a closer look at and ones that I discover new parts to each time I read them to another class.  They’re impossible to put down.  Addicting.

The latest one I’ve discovered is a book called Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World’s Most Famous Bear by Lindsay Mattick.  If you loved the classic Pooh stories as a child, or have or know a child interested in animals, this the the book for you.  I glanced through the pages before class, but found myself in tears when reading it in its entirety.  It’s a book that parents will appreciate for its wonder and one children will ask you thousands of questions about.

My students are still talking about it – and it’s three weeks later.

Don’t miss this one.  It’s wonderful.

Gary is all in.