Another year has gone by and I’m finally back home in Pennsylvania.  My job as an elementary school librarian is certainly one with its challenges, one that requires creativity and quick thinking – stuff at which I’m pretty good.  I have not kept up with this blog as I should, so this is my attempt to get back to reading wholeheartedly, the way I used to.  Tonight the lesson plans can take a backseat.

The latest book is a classic – one that people might overlook.  My boyfriend’s mother gave it to me as a Christmas gift.  I’ve always made fun of people who say they have a book that they read every year. I don’t think there’s enough time in the world to read everything that’s incredible …  but this book could easily become a yearly read.

Betty Smith’s A Tree Grows in Brooklyn touched my soul.  Her perfectly-worded sentences  are stuck in my gut and will forever be.  They are simple words, but profound.  The book is a coming-of-age story of a little girl named Francie.  I can’t say much more than that because my words could never do it justice.

Bottom line:  It usually takes me about three or four evenings to read a book I really like.  This one took me just over 33 nights.  I didn’t want it to end.  If you are struggling with anything in your life right now, you will find some peace in this story.  If you aren’t struggling with anything in particular, you will be inspired.

Go read it.  You won’t be sorry.

I’ll be trying my best to take Mrs. Smith’s advice:

“Look at everything always as though you were seeing it either for the first or last time: Thus is your time on earth filled with glory.”

4 paws up.  And a few licks.