It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted anything – but there’s good reason, I promise.  I finished graduate school (yay!). In August, I began a library job in a Virginia high school and it’s kept me stressed, excited, and challenged all at once. The people are fantastic. The rent really is not. My boss is wonderful. The distance from family and the guy is not. The apartment is adorable; the management is very much not. It’s 50-50. You get the picture.

The school is huge – around 2500 kids. A lot of the students have nothing at home. But wow, do they love reading! This summer the library underwent some major changes. Thirty or so computers were moved to create a new lab for another department. This presented the library with both an issue and a solution because a lot more class traffic was present to use the computers in past years. However, the past librarians ended up as computer babysitters. The good part: students (and teachers) are actually using the space for reading, studying, relaxing, and socializing. It’s been a slow progression, but I’m hopeful that making small, positive changes will result in a busy, living and breathing space for everyone – as a library should be.

Within the last four months, a few changes to the library have been made. These changes include (but are not limited to) a library blog for teachers and students, coffee mornings for faculty and staff, a book club for the students, and several grant proposals. Due to the low library budget, fundraising and grant writing have been a huge part of my mission. The students and teachers should have access to new books – just like every other school. Not having a huge response from both outlets (so far) has forced me to get a little bit creative, so this Christmas we sponsored a book tree project. For more information, visit: Book Tree Project.  If you’re interested in donating to our cause and helping our school, click here for our Amazon Wish List.

I will continue to keep you posted on our project and my school year. Thank you to those of you who have supported me in this move to Virginia. It’s been really tough – but having your heart so deeply rooted in two places sucks, so I’m just trying to make the best of it.

As for books, I just finished The Cat at the Wall by Deborah Ellis. It’s about a selfish little girl who dies and comes back as a cat. She lives in Palestine and needs to help a little boy. In theory, the 140-page story has real potential. In actuality, it is really disappointing. I wouldn’t bother.  I’m hopeful I didn’t miss the point. Maybe if I did, someone much smarter than me can explain it.

Gary gives it one paw for a good idea.   Oh, and he’s doing well. He likes his tiny apartment.

I’ll be in touch.