It’s easy to feel lost in this world – like no one understands you or is at the same place in their life as you. It’s hard to communicate feelings and sometimes when we give in and allow ourselves to try, we are rejected. We long for understanding.

Eliot Schrefer’s novel, Threatened, tells the story of a young boy who is lost too. That is, until he meets someone who rescues him and who helps open new doors to the unknown. Readers are invited to travel with Luc (the boy) and Prof (his rescuer) to “The Inside” where friends are hard to come by and danger lurks around the corner. It’s a lot like our own world – but with a lot more mosquitoes. Schrefer has a gift for drawing readers in – and this is a great read if you’re just feeling alone, or need reminded of your own gifts. 


Gary gives this one three paws – he gets a little jealous of other animals.

Visit this guy’s awesome site at: He’s pretty sweet.


Hey Media Specialists: would be a good one to read aloud to middle-schoolers or for a collaborative unit. Just sayin’.